LNG Blue Fuel service stations

Blue Fuel intends to create a network of LNG service stations to enhance the current distribution of alternative energy for vehicle refuelling in Italy. This is an ambitious and innovative project aimed at innovating  heavy road transport without necessarily sacrificing the quality and ease of supply of this service. The Blue Fuel LNG service stations are, in fact, a concrete response to the growing demand for green solutions for heavy transport: a conscious choice for a sustainable future.

In order to simplify payment and electronic invoicing to customers, Blue Fuel, in addition to relying on the main fuel cards on the market, will activate its own fuel purchase card circuit to be used at its points of sale . Each card, which is supplied free of charge, can be assigned to a specific licence plate number, and specific rules can be applied for its use, such as daily budget, type of fuel that can be purchased, times of use, etc. A detailed refuelling summary, which can be checked directly by customers online, will enable them to keep consumption and expenditure under control and simplify accounting management.

LNG refuelling in Vado Ligure

The LNG refuelling station in Vado Ligure, in the province of Savona, represents the crucial starting point for Blue Fuel as it is the first LNG refuelling station in Liguria. The choice of this location is not accidental. Firstly, the service station is located on the fast-flowing road linking the commercial port directly to the Savona motorway toll booth and near the future Bossarino motorway toll booth.

Secondly, as is well known, the Ventimiglia crossing point has by far the largest influx of heavy vehicle traffic in the northwest, and the area on which the service station is located, measuring approximately 7,000 square metres, will provide strategic support for the logistics services that will be implemented when the MAERSK platform becomes fully operational in the commercial port of Vado Ligure.

The service station is also equipped with fuels for cars and vans with pumps for GNC (Compressed Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Propane Gas) and ADBLUE : a true point of reference for all those who want to save money by polluting less.


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