Liquefied Natural Gas for vehicles

For its refuelling stations for large vehicles, Blue Fuel decided to focus on Liquefied Natural Gas as the natural alternative to diesel. Although the technology is already widespread throughout the world, LNG plant facilities have effectively started to become established in the last three years. This is why Blue Fuel firmly believes in the development of this alternative fuel,  proposing the most environmentally friendly solution for fuelling vehicles with LNG today and tomorrow with BIOGNL. Indeed, the Company’s service stations are state-of-the-art systems aimed at radically renewing the heavy road transport system.

Benefits of LNG

Compared to traditional fuels, the benefits of LNG are numerous, not only for the benefits enjoyed by road hauliers but also for the environment and large companies.



First of all, Liquefied Natural Gas enables vehicles to operate with a greater range. In fact, the liquefaction process reduces the gas by 600 times its specific volume, thus favouring the storage and transport of large quantities of energy while using much less space. This represents a considerable evolution for road transport, especially for long-haul travel.




One of the biggest benefits of LNG is the green aspect, which is becoming increasingly relevant and which the entire transport sector has been addressing in recent years. Liquefied Natural Gas is a real revolution in vehicle refuelling: being an environmentally friendly product, it eliminates particulate pollution and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. For the heavy transport sector, the benefits of LNG are therefore far from negligible, making it possible to establish clean energy such as that derived from natural gas, i.e. methane, as a definitive proposition.




Strong environmental awareness, which is also becoming increasingly widespread among major multinationals, is leading large retailers to demand ever more environmentally friendly vehicles for the transport of their goods. LNG today, and even more so BIOGNL tomorrow, are the main alternatives to traditional fuels in terms of technical performance and financial return.




Another benefit of LNG is undoubtedly the cost savings it entails for road hauliers. In fact, this product benefits from a special tax break that makes it easy to recoup investments for the purchase of new vehicles or the conversion of diesel-powered tractor units.


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